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Active vacation fun!

Our vacation circus offers a colorful mix of experiences for all age groups, and not just during the summer vacations. Our circus camps often take place in the immediate social environment and create a new kind of encounter, because:

In the world of the circus, everything is new and different.

Each participant can act according to their individual inclinations and talents and play an active and flexible role in shaping the project. From a circus taster day to short projects to a project week with or without a tent – anything is possible!

Circus at school –

A different kind of school

We turn dreams into reality, beyond the school routine and grade pressure! Whether for special, primary, secondary or grammar schools, whether with a circus tent or as an indoor project in the sports hall: our three to six-day project weeks strengthen the school community and create a new social level.

Circus on vacation –

Active vacation fun

We enrich your vacation games with a colorful range of circus activities! Vacations become a unique experience and create social relationships in the local area.

Circus in the company –

Business world meets circus world

Business Variety turns your management training, team event, customer presentation or staff party into an unforgettable experience with depth and added value.